Hetty Geursen Schilderijen en Portretten
© RobBeurseFotografie

For Hetty, her website is a picture book of her work throughout the years.

Hetty Geursen, having lived in various places in the Netherlands and abroad, returned to Leiden where she currently lives. She did her training at the Academy of Art (Academie van Beeldende Kunsten) in The Hague, where she graduated with degrees in drawing and painting A and B (1977).

Her work shows the various places she has lived, such as the snapshot drawings about Chinese life, the Limburg landscapes and several city scenes. Through the years she worked with various materials and techniques. Varying from oil and acrylic paintings, to collages, watercolour, pen drawings and chalk. A common feature of all her work is that it is constructed in layers: layers of paint, ink, or in collage of paper and paint. This layering makes the applied colours more intense and it gives depth to the piece of art.

This website shows older work since the more recent paintings and pictures flow from the earlier paintings and pictures. There is a strong connection between the landscapes created as collages, the portraits and the snapshots.

Hetty paints all her work with a great gift for detail, as is visible in the city scenes (snapshots), facades of houses, light and people. This attention to detail makes the work labour-intensive, especially because of its precision and the layering. It shows however the eye for in itself insignificant but important details. Each piece of city or landscape is a source of inspiration, if only one is attentive to these details.

This site shows paintings and drawings which may have been sold or were executed under contract, or that are presently still for sale. Apart from portraits she makes city scenes and cityscapes as well as snapshots or paintings of specific moments, scenes or landscapes.

Are you interested in a painting displayed on this site? Or do you wish to contract Hetty to paint a portrait, city scene or a special event, please feel free to contact Hetty: info@hettygeursen.nl